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Looking towards the summer and thinking about a DIY Conservatory ? Then look no further than Trade Price DIY Conservatories, we are the DIY Conservatory specialist. We have forged an excellent reputation for quality, care and the lowest prices in the industry when it come to our conservatories. Having over 15 years worth of experience in the trade, we use every aspect of our experience to ensure our clients are provided with a quality low cost solution to their DIY Conservatory requirements. Offering a wide range of bases, windows and doors you can have your dream DIY Conservatory delivered to your door, all provided by Trade Price. We provide everything you need for your DIY Conservatory, eliminating the need to shop around for the best deals on windows and doors. By purchasing from Trade Price, you immediately cut out the middle man and are provided everything you need delivered straight to your door, ensuring you get the absolute best value DIY Conservatory money can buy.

Thinking about a dream DIY Conservatory for the summer... Then read on

Trade Price DIY Conservatories have made it their main priority to provide the general public with real trade prices! providing excellence in the field of DIY Conservatories

Offering a wide range of simple and easy to install DIY Conservatories and Durabase Advances Base Systems. All of our DIY Conservatories come as bespoke and our tailor made for your own requirements. We provide all of our customers with a simple, easy, but comprehensive installation guide.

We fully appreciate that if you are in the market for a DIY Conservatory then it not only needs to be simple and easy to install but also has to look fantastic. Trade Price DIY Conservatories pride ourselves on the fact that all of our DIY conservatories comprehensively tick both boxes. They are both practical and aesthetically pleasing whilst providing real value for money. Don't take our word for it, take a look at our reviews ...Trade Price not only provide DIY Conservatories but also a comprehensive range of bespoke windows and doors too.

We assist you along the way on every step of the process from the design consultation to the installation itself. The team at Trade Price DIY provide friendly objective support to ensure you get the most out of your DIY Conservatory. So if you are a contractor, builder or just a DIY home owner you will find our DIY conservatories can be erected and installed with a few days.

Throughout our website you will not only be able to see our full range of DIY Conservatories, but also bases, windows, doors and lots of helpful information and videos on how to bring your DIY Conservatory to life. Remember with Trade Price your DIY Conservatory is tailored made to your requirements from size to finish you can be assured we provide you with not only the product, but the service and the price you're looking for.

Opting for a DIY Conservatory can save you thousands of pounds whilst providing you with a unique way to add additional space to home whilst increasing the value of the property. Our DIY Conservatories a bespoke and tailored around your own requirements, you get the DIY Conservatory you want,to your exact specifications. Call Trade Price DIY Conservatories today to find out how we can provide you with your dream DIY Conservatory.

Trade Price Conservatories are specialists in helping you make the correct decision when it comes to your DIY conservatory requirements. From an Edwardian, Victorian or Lean-To conservatory, we are here to tailor make that conservatory to your specific requirements.

Benfits of Trade Price DIY Conservatories

  • A way to add additional space to your home as an alternative to moving
  • Add value to your home
  • DIY Conservatories are a more cost effective way to add that dream room to your home
  • Trade Price DIY Conservatories are built completely around your requirements
  • Eliminate the need to have dozens of workmen in your home for weeks
  • Trade Price DIY Conservatories are simple to install and can be completed within days
  • Our DIY Conservatories are low maintenance and come with our own guarantee
  • Contact us today to find out more

Self Build and DIY Conservatories

Trade Price Conservatories draws over 18 years of experience in the design of self build conservatories and the special individual relationships with the customer.

The modular designs and the versatile product line offers a broad range of sizes and options that can easily be customised to meet your design requirements.

We can supply our DIY conservatories direct to your door!

If you have had a price for a DIY conservatory to supply and fit including building works of 10,000 you could save up to 70% of that by going down the DIY route.

All our products come with a 10 year guarantee (28mm sealed units come with a 5 year guarantee). All hardware and handles come with a 1 year guarantee.

We now also offer DIY Windows and DIY Doors at our amazing trade prices!

DIY Conservatories by Trade Price DIY

A Trade Price DIY conservatory can start form just a 50 deposit. Our DIY Conservatories come from in a wide range of styles and finishes ranging from White UPVC conservatory frames to more the more styled and elegant Edwardianand Vicotorianconservatories. To view our entire range of DIY Conservatories please visit our DIY Conservatoryoptions page.

Buy DIY Conservatories by Trade Price DIY

With summer coming, why waste your hard earned cash on a expensive overpriced conservatory and contend with installers drifting through your home days on end. We have the perfect solution. Contact Trade Price DIY Conservatories and order your own bespoke DIY Conservatory. We deliver to your door at a fraction of the cost of a standard conservatory and the best part is you can install it yourself in a matter of a couple of days. We have a wide range of DIY Conservatories to pick from with various finishes suitable for a wide range budgets. Dont delay take advantage of the summer weather and get your DIY Conservatory installed for the Great British Summer.

DIY Conservatories Installation

Our DIY conservatories come with simple and easy navigate installation guides which anyone can follow. The majority of our customers have no experience in building or construction so it really is simple for anyone from any walk of life to install your own DIY Conservatory. When purching a DIY Consevatory from Trade Price you have access to a wide variety of support and help. Our helpful and friendly team are always on the end of the phone willing to assist in anyway possible, whilst the our site has various video installation guides to help you through the process please click here to view our DIY Conservatory construction guide.

DIY Conservatories Customer Care

DIY conservatories by Trade Price DIY, not only come with the Trade Price pledge for quality, but with our renowned customer care and after sale service. We ensure the buying experience is as enjoyable as the days spent using your new DIY Conservatory. We provide efficient jargon free and friendly advice throughout every step of your journey with with us. Our team are always on hand to assist you in anyway we can. To find out more about our DIY Conservatories please feel free to contact the team who will be happy to help in anyway, in the meantime we are sure you will find our DIY Conservatory construction guide helpful.

Eliminating Your Conservatory Qualms

Research has highlighted that nearly all conservatories suffer the same problems. The latest survey carried out in 2013 showed that the average conservatory owner is unhappy with at least two aspects of their conservatory, and in most cases more, with nearly all relating to conservatory roofs. At Trade Price Conservatories we use specialist industry-leading suppliers for all products to ensure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied, eliminating any problems.

The main source of the complaints related to the temperature with 65% of owners complaining that their conservatory gets too cold in winter or too hot in summer. 1 in 3 also find it too noisy in bad weather, whilst 14% suffer leaks and 1 in 5 find it too expensive to heat. In total a surprising 14% of conservatory owners found nothing wrong with their conservatory.

The survey was carried out across all types of conservatories including polycarbonate, glass, blue glazing and tiled conversions. The biggest surprise was that every person that had installed a tiled roof on their conservatory with the exception of one was still finding their conservatory too hot or too cold.

A massive 87% expressed they would be interested in a product that solved these problems and made it usable all year round. Which is where our 18 plus years experience comes into play. Trade Price Conservatories not only helps you to make the correct decision about your conservatory requirements but will also provide you with a conservatory that you can use all year round whilst saving you up to 70% through real trade prices. You may be thinking to yourself this sounds too good to be true, well it isn’t.

To eliminate the commonly found roofing issues with conservatories, our do-it-yourself conservatories use Pilkington, International leader in glass, for the ultimate in glass solutions. By using PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayers, the glass becomes a highly acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction. Furthermore, you can choose thermally insulated windows reducing the amount of energy lost through your windows by up to 75% and lowering your heating bills by up to 20% each year. In hot climates, solar control glass can be used to minimise solar heat gain and help control glare. Pilkington offer additional glass solutions such as self-cleaning, solar glass, fire protection and more with all products enhanced to ensure safety and security.
By combining Pilkington alongside Synerjy, windows and door suites, and Synseal, roof manufacturers, your DIY conservatory from Trade Price Conservatories will offer you a fantastic additional room for your home that can be enjoyed all year round.

*Statistics taken from Greenspace UK


The Pros Vs the Cons of Building a Conservatory

One of the UK’s favourite hobbies is DIY so you should ‘do it yourself’ when it comes to building your conservatory. You can enjoy more than just the end result buy custom designing your conservatory, building your conservatory and saving 70% on the cost. This article outlines how the pros of a DIY conservatory far outweigh the cons.     
The Pros

Most homeowners buy a conservatory as a simple extension to their home. Conservatories are extremely versatile as they can be used for so many different uses; lounge, extending your lounge, study, conservatory for plants, dining room, playroom for the kids…their uses are endless.

One of the biggest ‘pros’ of building a conservatory is that you do not need planning permission. In England and Wales in 2008 a regulation was passed that stated ‘building a conservatory would be exempt from needing planning permission provided the permitted development permission for your property is not exceeded; 50-70 cubic meters dependent on where you live’.

In 2013, the government looked to introduce a conservatory tax, which would force homeowners to fork out hundreds of pounds extra on measures to improve energy efficiency when building an extension or fit a boiler. The plans were axed after a group of Tory ministers quickly blocked the move explaining that it should not be mandatory for owners to be penalised when they improve their properties. Pilot studies also found that the cost of energy efficiency measures were far higher than the savings on bills thus making adding conservatories to homes more expensive. The products we use at Trade Price Conservatories are designed for energy efficiency therefore you receive trade prices when buying your conservatory, a reduction on energy bills at home and NO conservatory tax keeping home improvements at an affordable rate.

An extension on your property adds value to your home so especially if you are investing in a property, adding a conservatory will increase the value for future resale.

The fact that your conservatory is DIY does not mean the designs are limited. We offer a wide range of modular designs through our versatile product line. The website lists all of the designs that are available from the Lean To, to the Edwardian, to the P Shape. We guarantee that you will find the right design to suit you and if you want something a bit more unique, we will customise it to your specification.  

It keeps getting better; you get FREE delivery anywhere in England and Wales on all conservatories and they all come with a 10-year guarantee.

The Cons

There are a couple of ‘cons’ but the reality is, most of you will not be affected by them and even if you are there are ways around them.

Listed buildings and conservation areas are an exception to the planning permission regulation. Furthermore, if your property has previously had an extension built onto it you will have used up some or all of your ‘permitted development’ area and therefore may need permission. Also in some cases the ‘permitted development’ rights may be withdrawn from a property making it statutory for you to get planning permission. If you fall under one of the categories where you may need planning permission, if you are unsure do make sure you check.

In conclusion, the only real ‘con’ is that now you have no more excuses to not buy your dream conservatory. Trade Price Conservatories continues to offer top quality products at trade prices and not only do we provide a 10-year guarantee on all conservatories we guarantee a lifetime of satisfaction.

For further information please call us on 01202 399999 or visit our website 

*Statistics taken from The Guardian

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